"holes in the soles of my walking shoes..."
Dividing Lines (CD)


Dividing Lines (CD)


Dividing Lines is the latest album from Caleb Miles. Purchase price includes free shipping to anywhere.


Lines divide lanes of traffic on the highway.
Lines divide the seasons.
Lines divide the days and years, divide youth from adulthood, adulthood from old age.
Lines divide nations, cultures, ethnicities. Rich from poor, city from country. Me from you.
Lines divide the included from the excluded.
Lines can be fences, walls, seen and felt, moving toward you, pushing you back.
Lines can be invisible, drawn between ourselves and the Threat, the Fear, the Pain.
Lines protect us while diminishing us, keeping Me from knowing You.

Straight lines do not occur in nature.
A straight line is the shortest distance between two points.

Dividing Lines is the long-awaited new cd from Caleb Miles.

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Dividing Lines is also available as a digital download.